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What do we do?

We are a non-profit collective of watch enthusiasts who study the values and assets a watch must have to hold or gain value from its original price.

We use our skill sets in our best luxury watch investment blog to help other people get started in investing or even if you just fancy learning the ins and outs of watch values and statistics.

We are a team of three and each of us specialize in a different aspect of a watch, such as:

  • Mechanics– what the watch has to offer, materials used etc.
  • Trends– what social media ad campaigns could do to cause a spike in popularity and value e.g. the Omega Skywalker was sent into space and therefore increased dramatically in value
  • Past succession– studying the reasons for watches to increase in value from past examples to help us predict future investments

That’s not everything involved there is other factors like the watchmaker etc. but we will try our best to cover this in our Guide.

We don’t Sell Luxury Watches for Investment

We are not telling you to buy a certain watch but we will be putting links to various reputable watch websites such as Rolex and Omega this is not for advertising purposes but to enhance the strength of the blog and we only intend to show you how we decide to invest our money.

Assurance in our Tips for Luxury Watch Investment

Sometimes our team isn’t always right with our statistics, usually its human error or an anomalies result but we are very good at what we do and I hope you trust our judgment here at Investawatch.

Thanks for reading.


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