About Us


Our Vision

The vision of the company is simple. We intend to help people like yourself make a decision on a watch whether it be for personal value or in terms of an investment, short and long term.

What sets us apart is the hard fact that no other company will offer you a guide on how you can justify the value of a watch and predict how this may change in time. We provide weekly articles on the vast subject which is watches and these can range from different ideas.

We do not sell the watches but can strongly recommend you to visit our Partners site which is renowned world wide for its prestige’s watches and customer support.

How it all started

My passion for watches came late in life but my love for mechanics and engineering started during my school years. On my 18th birthday I was given a watch, I was fascinated by the mechanics of all the micro pieces and how they can move so flawlessly. Fast forward in my life and I needed some quick cash to pay the deposit on my house, one of the ways I could save that money quicker was to sell some of my stuff and I had a collection of watches and I decided I should sell a couple, and this is how it all started.

Upon arrival to the watch store I was greeted by two men, Kevin and Lewis (now working in the company), they know absolutely everything about watches and when they offered me quadruple the value of there original cost and it got me thinking, If I use my knowledge of Engineering and Mechanics along with theirs we could set up a website dedicated to helping people make the same investment decision I unknowingly did.

Meet the Team

I would love to introduce you to the team, without these people everything Investawatch has achieved wouldn’t be possible, for hours and hours we have worked to help people like yourself and we are proud of that.


Alex O’Dowd

Founder & CEO

Has a real passion for watch proved by his stunning watch collection. Specializes in:

  • The mechanics of a watch




Kevin Kirkpatrick

Blog writer and Research team manager

Kevin has a real knack for watches, we can see this by his powerful blogs uploaded weekly, this shares our keen knowledge to the public. Specializes in:

  • Content construction
  • Quality and materials used
  • Evaluates statistics for the increase and decrease in watch prices




Lewis Price

Lead specialist in research

Lewis uses his skills from his job in a jewelery store, he speacilizes in:

  • Watch trends and sales spikes
  • Past succession
  • History of watches



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